People Who Like Me

Kevin, you are the man. My neck and back haven’t felt this good in years. Magic touch! Thank you so much for explaining everything so I can continue to work on my problem areas 🙂 I was very impressed.

Katie P.

Thank you Kevin for an amazing massage! I feel like a new person. Trust me and make an appt with him today-your tired muscles will thank you!
Ashley C.

Massage with Kevin Donovan is amazing… good night zzzzzzzz 🙂 No, really, I must seriously say that if you are sore, if you are tense or if you have muscle or body problems at all you need to contact Kevin and see what he can do to fix it.

Leslie B.

Kevin, your work on my neck literally changed my life. My neck has not felt normal for 2 years until today.
I will never send a patient to surgery until they are first seen and treated by you.
I am very thankful you have taken the time and commitment to be able to do what you do.
Local Doctor

Last week I saw Kevin Donovan aka The Good Kevin to try out not only a wonderful massage (including stones) but for ETPS therapy. Some of you may have tried this before, more and more doctors are using this therapy and in 2012 TPS Therapy will be renamed MPS Therapy for CPT & insurance coding. ETPS therapy is currently used to treat over 200 illnesses and scar removal. Last week I burnt my arm with an iron. I saw Kevin two days after burning myself. It was unbelievable how the site was shrinking in just a few hours. He worked on my C Section scar, barb wire scars (a horse threw me off into a fence in 2002) and lastly acne scars. The fresh C Section was very thick and uncomfortable at the time. It took me 24 hours to notice the change in the scarring. It rose a little on the sides and within 64 hours was softening to a flush scar instead of thick. He also was able to use it on my upper neck pain from an old sports injury. Well, I was unsure of that injury….until I found the pain free mobility the next day. My back yard never looked so good! I highly recommend Kevin in Panama City for this treatment. I have known him for 7 years from us both being so active in our businesses in the community. He is professional and kind. I hope this post helps someone that is suffering from scars or aches and pains. You only get one life to live, one temple to use…treat it kindly.
Carylle Quinn Leonard